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The Best Carpet Cleaner in Reno, NV
Usually, carpets are one of the largest components of a home. Just as you would want to use discretion when choosing a roofer, a judicious person will want the very best in their home to maintain their carpets. So who is the best carpet cleaner in Reno, NV? Obviously, each one will tell you they are the best, but there can only be one. Though we may never know for sure, I’d like to present a few criterion in order to help you answer this question for yourself. has a list of the “10 best carpet cleaners in Reno, NV” that comes up pretty high in the Google rankings. I happen to currently sit in the #2 seat on that list. I can look at it one of two ways; either the old adage “first the worst, second the best” really does have some validity, or Thumbtack just doesn’t know me as well as they ought to. 🙂
Joking aside, I’d put up any of the guys at Spifco against any other carpet cleaner in Reno, NV. I am not just saying this out of arrogance either. I am confident in the Spifco guys because of the Spifco model. The following things are each a part of the Spifco business model and are performed in the same way by any of the Spifco Carpet Cleaners. These are criterion that you should use to determine if the carpet cleaner you are trusting your carpets to is good enough to be in your home:
-Are they IICRC certified in Carpet Cleaning? – Spifco Techs are
-Does the company have a written training program that all techs must become proficient at according to IICRC cleaning standards? – Spifco Does
-Are they licensed and insured? – Spifco is.
-What are their online reviews say? -To date, Spifco has NO review that is less than 5 stars and 100% satisfaction.
-Is their pricing fair, upfront, and make sense? – Spifco’s is.
-Are they background checked? – Spifco Techs are.
-Do they use new, state of the art equipment? -Spifco Does
-Is their cleaning process and are their products environmentally friendly and healthy for your home? – Spifco’s is.
-Do they put chemicals in their steam, which therefore leaves a crispy residue and attracts soil to your carpets? -Spifco is the only company in Reno, NV that doesn’t use ANY rinse chemicals because of our Proprietary Water Treatment process that makes our steam clean WITHOUT the use of any additives.
-Will they leave your carpets wet for days? – Spifco’s dry times are 2-4 hours, not days.
-Do they up-sell you and bait-n-switch you if you want them to pre-treat, agitate, spot treat, or groom? – Spifco has a strict policy AGAINST this practice. Our prices are Honest and Up Front.
-Do they use a brush pro machine to restore the fibers of your carpet and remove dirt and hair that your vacuum can’t? – Spifco does
– Do they use walk-off mats, corner guards, furniture tabs, and booties to protect your property? – Spifco does
-Doe they look like someone you want in your home? – Our pictures are on our website and we pride ourselves on our friendliness, professionalism, and trustworthiness.
You get the idea. I could go on for pages and pages about everything Spifco does and does not do, but I think this list is enough to get you started. At Spifco, we are only interested in earning the opportunity to take care of you and your home year after year. We do not want to just make a quick buck off of you and be on our way. Unfortunately, most of our competitors do. Spifco treats every job as if it were our own home. We guarantee we will get your carpets as clean and healthy as is scientifically possible!
So when you are looking for the best carpet cleaner in Reno, NV, take a look at Spifco!

Best Regards,

Ian Callahan
Owner – Spifco Specialty Cleaning

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