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The benefits of De-Ionized Steam Extraction and the Spifco Difference

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I have found that the average carpet cleaning customer in Reno, Sparks, or Incline Village NV does not know the difference between carpet cleaning methods, nor do they care very much.  They just want to be able to call someone and have their carpets look cleaner for as little of a cost as they can get away with.  However, if you are reading this, chances are you are not the average dullard.  You likely take a little more pride in your investments; which flooring is a big one, and like to educate yourself before making a purchase.  If this sounds like you, and your are looking for the very best carpet cleaning in Reno , Sparks , or Incline Village NV then please read on. 😉

  • What do normal carpet cleaners do?

It’s no secret that steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean a carpet.  It is the only method recommended by all major carpet manufacturers, the only method certified by the authority on carpet cleaning the IICRC, and the only method that won’t void your carpet’s warranty.   However, have you ever thought about the water and chemicals used by steam cleaners and the fact that it is being jetted down into your home’s biggest sponge, your carpet?

Carpets hold on to a lot of soil.  Only so much of it can be lifted out by a vacuum and the rest has to be steam cleaned in order to be removed.  The problem is, much of the visible soil on a dirty carpet is molecularly bonded to the carpet fiber and cannot be removed by steam alone.  That is where chemicals come into play.  That’s right, I said that ever increasingly dirty word, clown vanchemicals!  99.9999999% of steam cleaners have to use chemicals, harsh ones, to convince that stubborn soil to release its bond from your carpet fiber. (There are a few who don’t, like Spifco. Read on)  This is done in the “pre-spray” step of steam cleaning. Then, in order to convince those harsh chemicals and stubborn soapy carpetssoil to leave your carpet, different chemicals are infused into the steam (hot water) used during extraction.  Those are called “rinsing agents”.  Once they are done, your carpets look clean.  Everything is great, right?  Well, in a couple days, you start noticing your carpets re-soiling.  A couple weeks go by… and what?  They are right back to being filthy again.  I’ve got a secret for you… (don’t tell your carpet cleaner)  It’s the chemicals!  Chemicals leave residue. Even “rinsing agents” leave residue.  Dirt loves residue.  Soil bonds with residue, and lets not forget, you, your family, and your pets all walk, crawl, and lay around on your chemically residue-ridden carpet.  Doesn’t that sound pleasant?   They also tend to use a lot of water to achieve their results, leaving your carpet way too wet for way too long!  Think about mold.

  • What is De-ionized water?

di-tanksI won’t bore you with too much scientific mumbo jumbo but I want to explain how de-ionized water is made.  If you are a science nerd like me though and want to know more details about it, here’s a link for you:  In a nut shell, most contaminants in water like, heavy metals, minerals, chemicals, and so on are carried by ions.  A deionizing filtration system removes the ions from the water by a multi-step, positively and negatively charged process.  The result is water that has none of these contaminants in it.  The exceptions might be viruses and bacteria, but our truckmount heats the water up to 230 degrees + so those are killed in pretty short order.   Deionized water then has a natural cleaning power of its very own.  It is thirsty for ions.  Remember, things bond to ions, and soil is one of those things.  Deionized water is like a magnet for soil, chemicals (like the residue your last carpet guy left in your carpet), minerals, and other contaminants.  This makes it a very natural, very healthy, very pure water to use in Spifco’s steam extraction and enables us to steam clean WITHOUT adding anything to our deionized water except heat!

  • Why is De-ionized water better? (Why our customers love us and ourCarpet Cleaning Reno Mike Spifco competition hates us)

Let me explain how Spifco’s steam cleaning process works.  This is what we like to call the “Spifco Difference”.  Feel free to call it the “Spifference” if you want.  Since our extraction step uses only deionized water and no chemicals, we figured our pre-spray step needs to follow suit.  Spifco uses an all natural solution comprised of citrus, natural oxygenators,  and plant-based emulsifiers to loosen that stubborn soil from your carpet fiber.  Now our solution is admittedly pretty wimpy in and of itself.  So we have to help it to achieve the same result as harsh chemicals do and we do that with a little extra hard work.  Spifco uses a counter rotating brush machine to work our natural solution into your carpet.  The machine we use is actually one of the greatest advances in carpet cleaning tools I can think of since the invention of the brush protruckmount machine.  Not only does our brush machine help loosen the soil, it pulls up all kinds of hair and junk that your vacuum hasn’t been able to get all this time.  (We usually remove the equivalent of a full cat from people’s carpet.  Pretty gross eh?)  This, in conjunction with our deionized steam extraction leaves your carpets cleaner than they’ve ever been.  The deeply embedded hair and large soil, the stubborn soil, the chemical residue, and the crusty minerals and dissolved solids in your water, are all 100% gone from your carpet when Spifco is done!  Since there is no residue or minerals, your carpet will be soft and fluffy like it should be, rather than crusty and stiff like your last guy left it.  Also, it will stay cleaner for longer since there is no residue for the soil to immediately start sticking to.  Spifco also doesn’t have to over-use our water to clean your carpets.  D.I. water dries faster and we leave less of it.  Our typical dry times are between 2-3 hours max! To my knowledge, Spifco is the only carpet cleaning company in the Reno , Sparks , or the Incline Village area, or in all of Nevada for that matter, who uses this 100% natural and HEALTHY system.

That’s the Spifco Difference.

Also, you might be wondering why we are potentially sharing the secret to our wonderful method with our competition.  Well, Spifco has invested quite heavily in equipping ourselves with our special deionizing filtration system and have spent a massive amount of time developing and perfecting it.  We are quite confident that the majority of our competitors don’t care about your carpet and your health as much as we do.  In fact, they will be content to keep doing what they’ve always done, and will happily tell you how everything I’ve written about here is nonsense and that their chemicals are better.   That’s ok, we don’t hold most of them in very high regard either.   😉

  • How to get ahold of us, or ask questions

20140916_092535Spifco is devoted to making your floors as spiffy as possible with health as our first concern.  Our steam cleaning method is the most effective, most natural, and healthiest way to have your carpets cleaned in Reno , Sparks , or Incline Village NV.  Give us a call today at 775-323-4426 or visit our website at to learn more about how you can start enjoying clean and healthy flooring in your home.


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Ian Callahan

Owner – Spifco


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