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Most Beneficial Carpet Cleaning in Reno, NV


Many people don’t realize that not all carpet cleaning service in Reno, NV is the same.  Some are better than others, however, there is only one that is the most beneficial carpet cleaning in Reno, NV.  That is the Spifco 100% chemical free, residue free, pure, de-ionized steam cleaning.  Spifco’s service leaves your carpets not only clean, bright, and soft, but free of any residue.

This is not the case with every other carpet cleaning service in Nevada.  While there are certainly some service providers who offer high quality service, use high quality equipment, and do a good job cleaning, they all have one thing in common with even the worst providers.  What is that you say?  Chemicals!  They all inject chemicals into their steam that they rinse your carpets with.  Extracting carpets using chemistry is an industry standard.  Since they are using just plain tap water in their machine, they have to use chemistry in order to break the bond of the soil and pre-spray that’s in your carpet.  As an unavoidable consequence of this, there is a residue left behind.

Ever wonder why your carpets are crunchy or crispy or even a bit smelly after they’ve been steam cleaned?  That’s why, the chemical residue being left behind.  This is troublesome for many reasons.  Firstly, it is not healthy for you and your family.  Secondly, it is hard on your carpets’ fibers and accelerates their wear.  Lastly, and most perceivable, the residue immediately begins attracting soil.  It actually makes your carpets soil more rapidly as dirt sticks to it.

At Spifco, we’ve developed a method of cleaning that solves all of these issues.  That is, we treat the water we use for steam and create de-ionized steam.  When the water is de-ionized and heated up to that point, it has a natural cleaning power of its very own due to its hunger for new ions (soil and pre-spray fit the bill).  Using this specially treated steam enables us to steam extract your carpets without having to use any chemicals!  The de-ionized steam also has absolutely NOTHING in it, not even the minerals and chemicals in your tap water.  Nothing!  Once we are done, your carpets are truly clean and have absolutely ZERO residues left behind.

So if you want the most beneficial carpet cleaning in Reno, NV, call Spifco Today!  We’ll even clean 100 sq. ft. for free for first time customers just to prove to you the difference we can make.


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