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5 points to help you make a good decision in hiring a carpet cleaning professional.

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Carpet cleaning is a service, not a commodity. That is to say, all service depends on who provides it, and therefore can vary. A commodity, like a Honda Accord, is roughly the same regardless of who you buy it from.
Every day I talk to people who don’t know how to decide who to hire for their floor cleaning needs because they don’t know what to look for other than an advertised price.

Here are a few things that will help you make a better informed decision.

 1: What type of cleaning method do they use?
-Most cleaners use the Steam Cleaning method. This method is what is recommended by carpet manufacturers. However, there are many cleaners who use “dry” processes. These processes, though they dry quickly, usually void carpet warranties and don’t do as complete of a job as steam cleaning does.

 2: Is the company properly licensed, insured, and certified?
-So many cleaners lack in one, if not all of these areas. For obvious reasons, you want them to not only to be insured for general liability, it is important to ask if a cleaning company has coverage for damage to the property of others. Many companies only carry the legal liability minimum, which does not cover property damage to others.
-Is the cleaning company certified by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)? So many cleaners don’t become certified in carpet cleaning. It is important as the IICRC has established industry standards for cleaning that have a direct impact on your home’s most expensive assets.

 3: Do they have Up-Front and Easy to Understand Pricing?
-This is an easy one to be fooled by. Many companies advertise prices for their services. As always though, the devil is in the details. Most carpet cleaning companies employ “bait-n-switch” tactics when it comes to their pricing. They will advertise a low and appealing price, and once you have them in your home ready to do the work, they will increase your price by many times if you want them to actually do the job properly.

 4: What do their online reviews tell you?
-It is a good idea to look at multiple reviews of a cleaning company. Things to look for are trends. Is there a common thread of complaint about anything in particular? If so, probably not a good idea to volunteer yourself to be next on the list of unhappy customers.

 5: What products do they use?
-There is a wide variety of cleaning products and chemicals available to the professional carpet cleaning industry. Some of these products are safe and non-toxic, however many of them are highly toxic and unsafe for contact with your skin. Ask if the company uses products that have the “green seal” of EPA approval on them. Nearly all cleaners are leaving some type of residue behind in your carpets. It is a good idea to make sure that residue is environmentally friendly.

 Spifco Specialty Cleaning specializes in raising the bar I just set.
-Spifco uses the best available, modern, and powerful truckmounted equipment to steam clean your floors with.
-Spifco carries all required business licensure, comprehensive liability insurance with the proper endorsements for being inside our clients’ homes and businesses, and is not only certified as a company, but we have each of our technicians certified by the IICRC at minimum in carpet cleaning.
-Spifco’s pricing is up-front, and comprehensive. There are no hidden charges, and certainly no bait-n-switch tactics used. Our prices include everything necessary to do the job right. No surprises.
-At Spifco we pride ourselves on our reputation. Providing our customers with the most outstanding cleaning service experience possible is our top priority. We find this to be evident in the online reviews we have received.
-Finally, Spifco only uses plant-based and “green seal” products to pre-treat your carpets and other surfaces with. Spifco is also the areas ONLY company to use specially treated de-ionized water for our steam extraction, which enables us to provide 100% chemical and residue free steam cleaning! NO RESIDUE means healthier, cleaner, and softer carpets that will stay clean for longer!

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