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Life Management


‘Tis the season of organization!

After the holidays, we’re all motivated to start the new year off right by de-cluttering our closets and garages, starting our diet and exercise plan (again), and getting back on that dreaded budget.  If you’re like most of us, then we think you’ll really like our Service Agreements.  Here are a few of the best reasons to check it out.



With our automatic scheduling and email and text reminder service, you’ll never have to worry about getting onto our schedule, even during our busiest times of year.  When you first enter the agreement, we’ll work with you to schedule all your appointments in advance on a routine basis so it’s easy to work around.  In addition, we will send you reminders of your appointments well in advance in case you need to reschedule.

Money Savings.

Why pay regular price for your routine floor cleaning when you can save up to 15%?  Spifco can save you 5%, 10%, or 15% based on the frequency of your cleanings throughout each 12 month agreement cycle.

Just think what you could do with that extra money!  Buy a gift for a loved one, pay off a Christmas credit card, go on a weekend staycation!  Or you could be like many of our other customers and treat your furniture to a much-needed upholstery cleaning on your neglected dining chairs, your child’s mattress, or your favorite Game Day lounge chair.


In addition to the frequency discounts that we offer, our service agreements feature another measure of convenience with an equal monthly billing option.  This allows you to easily fit your routine cleanings into your monthly budget with easy, automatic payments using your credit or debit card.  Payments are spread out over 12 months, rather than paying a larger bill all at once so there are no surprises.

If your life would benefit from having more time, more money, more organization in your finances, AND a cleaner floor, CLICK HERE to contact us today and start saving right away.

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